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How do you feel about him ? It's a work in progress so there some changes we may do in the future.
Do you know how much time it takes to create a logo ? A lot. And that's when you figured out what you want !
Here's a sneak peek of the game and its User Inteface (UI). Not a definitive work, we're still working on it... tell us what you think of the following game screens and feel free to leave a comment.
Obi is a gentle boy on campus... he is nice to everyone and we all want to listen his advices. Guess what country is from ?
The debate leaves us with two very different options... could you help us to choose the best one ?
Here is sights from around Campus Island… theses are the first backgrounds we produced for our visual novel game made by artist Mojojo from our orginal design.
Here is a Work in progress set in motion of the girls room, before and after... :).
Just one question, is his jaw too square or not enough ? What do you think ? Félix a datable character in our games. He's from Québec, French is his native langage but he's fluent in English too.
Still in progress… getting there… we hope ^_^ Original link