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Hi everyone, here is a sneak peak of our work in progress drawing the facial expressions of two major love interests, the cute cocky Paulo and the charming discreet Obi. Would you like to see more ? Here's OBI  Isn't he attractive with his glasses on ?   Here is Paulo Would you resist his smile in the game ?
Now working on the game’s presentation… I’m usually wary of pink, but when I use it, I go all out (^_^) ! What do you think ?
This is the cast of characters from the game Campus Island, a cute and stilish dating game.
This is our process to create a background for visual novels or any other story based game. To make this room we started from a few scribbles to go to a cosy room :) 
Here is a preview of an early work on the Lecture Hall of the school in Campus Island.
The doll-maker must allow to create a huge variety of avatars, with a minimum of work…
Here is some studies we made on how to design a doll maker for our game Campus Island. It's basically a dressing and styling tool to create then dress your avatar in the game. It will not be the final version of our doll maker but it's a start to build on.
At first, we thought it would be cool to play with typo. Then we went for something a little more conservative !