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Do you know how much time it takes to create a logo ? A lot. And that's when you figured out what you want !
Here's a sneak peek of the game and its User Inteface (UI). Not a definitive work, we're still working on it... tell us what you think of the following game screens and feel free to leave a comment.
Obi is a gentle boy on campus... he is nice to everyone and we all want to listen his advices. Guess what country is from ?
The debate leaves us with two very different options... could you help us to choose the best one ?
Here is sights from around Campus Island… theses are the first backgrounds we produced for our visual novel game made by artist Mojojo from our orginal design.
Here is a Work in progress set in motion of the girls room, before and after... :).
Just one question, is his jaw too square or not enough ? What do you think ? Félix a datable character in our games. He's from Québec, French is his native langage but he's fluent in English too.
Still in progress… getting there… we hope ^_^ Original link
Hi everyone, here is a sneak peak of our work in progress drawing the facial expressions of two major love interests, the cute cocky Paulo and the charming discreet Obi. Would you like to see more ? Here's OBI  Isn't he attractive with his glasses on ?   Here is Paulo Would you resist his smile in the game ?
Now working on the game’s presentation… I’m usually wary of pink, but when I use it, I go all out (^_^) ! What do you think ?