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This is the cast of characters from the game Campus Island, a cute and stilish dating game.
This is our process to create a background for visual novels or any other story based game. To make this room we started from a few scribbles to go to a cosy room :) 
Here is a preview of an early work on the Lecture Hall of the school in Campus Island.
The doll-maker must allow to create a huge variety of avatars, with a minimum of work…
Here is some studies we made on how to design a doll maker for our game Campus Island. It's basically a dressing and styling tool to create then dress your avatar in the game. It will not be the final version of our doll maker but it's a start to build on.
At first, we thought it would be cool to play with typo. Then we went for something a little more conservative !
Our graphic study on the importance of colours in our visual novel game... are you not curious now ?