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05 January 2014
Work in Progress
Here is some studies we made on how to design a doll maker for our game Campus Island. It's basically a dressing and styling tool to create then dress your avatar in the game. It will not be the final version of our doll maker but it's a start to build on.
31 January 2013
Work in Progress
At first, we thought it would be cool to play with typo. Then we went for something a little more conservative !

What Campus Island the game may look like...

Here's a sneak peek of the game and its User Inteface (UI). Not a definitive work, we're still working on it... tell us what you think of the following game screens and feel free to leave a comment.
A Clock debate took place...

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Lapinay on Sunday, 04 November 2018 16:24

Nice !

;) Nice !