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A fun game about coffee, office affairs and individual responsibility. In it, you share an office with 3 charming colleagues you get to chat them up during coffee breaks.

The Game

Ask your doctor today if coffee, and ogling boys is right for you! Heartbreak Coffeebreak is a fun game about coffee, office romance and daydreaming at work.


The 3 bachelors:

Aadil, the trusted accountant. Driven and rigorous, he hides an emotional side. He mostly keeps to himself during breaks but sometimes cuts the conversation with factoids about climate change.

Gianni, the flaky intern. Full of energy and unearned confidence, he is never not talking. Proud above everything else of his italian roots, he looks forward to being challenged in life, more than in his job.

Mamadu, the senior salesman. Collected and knowledgeable, he is the rock everyone clings to. Passionate about workers' rights, the first of which is the right to a lengthy coffee break. (Not available in the demo).

Key features:

• Make your colleagues blush to undress and ogle them

• Grow closer to them with each conversation

• Choose every word uttered by the protagonist

• Choose the name of your gender-neutral character

• 3 romanceable characters, multiple professional, and romantic outcomes.

⚠️ The demo is NOT R18+, but the final version should be, as an option.

⚠️ The loading may be a bit long at the beginning, but there is none after that. We are working on reducing it.

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